Small distractions can lead to grave consequences for yourself and others on the road. This can increase your car insurance tremendously. Here is a recent real example on what pre-occupations when you are driving can lead too.

Deborah Matis-Engle a woman from California was test-messaging on her cell-phone and crashed into a line of stopped vehicles. The vehicle she collided with burst into flames and killed 46-year –old Petra Winn.

On the 3rd April Deborah was sentenced by a judge in Redding, California to six-years in prison. The investigators of the accident found that Deborah was speeding and text messaging when she slammed into the other vehicle. She had paid several bills by cell phone in the moments before the crash and this was the negligence and reason for the crash.

This is only one of the many accidents which is the result of distractions and which is the cause of high auto insurance. Be careful and drive safe to save life.  Surf online and check out for cheap online for quotes. Compare auto insurance quotes and save your hard earned money.

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