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No doubt automatic renewal of auto insurance policy is convenient for you. You sign a direct debit order out of your bank account in favor of the insurer and do nothing as long as you like. They keep collecting the cash like clockwork every year.

And it is a brilliant marketing idea from auto insurance companies. It is so good that plenty motorists either do not bother to shop around or neglect it until auto-renewal kicks in.

Insurers manage to retain large number of customers every year. Not everyone remains where they are because they are happy. Most of them either do not know any better or would not bother to find out what alternatives are out there. It would not be surprising at all to get a decent cut on your premium by a highly reputable insurance provider.

The implications of high retention rates are pretty clear. Since the insurers know exactly how many of their customers will just keep paying for a few years they would be able to adjust their premium calculations accordingly.

That would mean two things essentially. First they would work out the premiums to include expected retention period for every insured. So if an average customer stays with an insurance firm for 3 years then they would have to factor in those expected future earnings when they are giving you a quote.

Secondly they would have to fight harder to get new customers considering the expected earnings for the next 3 years on average. I think this point is fairly self explanatory. Especially if you have not had any claims for a few years you appear to be a cash cow for them for at least 3 years normally.

The moral of this article is that insurance companies know their business pretty well. So it is time for you to get clued up and make the most of high competition in the car insurance marketplace.

Believe us, it pays to compare auto insurance quotes and review car insurance, you are guaranteed a better auto insurance coverage and low auto insurance rate. You would be suprised to know that more than 50% of the population of USA is reviewing car insurance quote, they atleast make the effort to seek online auto insurance qutoes , before they bind the auto insurance with any insurance company. Where do you belong?

You have endless choices starting with Geico insurance or geico auto insurance, state auto insurance, progressive auto insurance, Progressive insurance and other insurance quotes and auto insurance quotes from numerous companies. It would take only minutes to get the multiple auto insurance quotes. Right?


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Compare auto insurance

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