wpid 61947879837f182c9789b e1323480833240 300x166 What is the cost of auto insurance for a Chrysler Town and country?

Chrysler car insurance

The Chrysler Town and country van is revised for the year 2011 and approve many reviews of the changes. They say that the new model is more powerful and provides a smoother ride than previous designs. However, they also claim that even during upgrades, the 2011 city and the country remains behind competitors such as the Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna.

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Honda Odyssey is a little more expensive than the city and country, but drivers will be rewarded with better performance and handling. The Sienna is somewhat cheaper than the city and the country, and it includes a more upscale cabin and an all-wheel-drive option. Enter your zip code a car insurance quotes now compare, or keep reading the Chrysler Town and country for a general review.

Chrysler Town and country-auto insurance

Atypical good driver pays around each year to a Chrysler Town and country, according to Edmunds to insure $ 1.380 and compared to other vans, these auto insurance are very high prices.

More than $2,500 after five years, since the average car insurance rates for this minivan save approximately $829 annually opting for a Toyota Sienna. During the first five years, that they own their vehicles, Mazda 5 owners quest averaging around $677 for auto insurance and Nissan owners will pay approximately $ 644. Dodge Grand Caravan owners pay a nearly identical, while Honda Odyssey driver 5-year pay an average of just $564. This is less than half of the estimated costs of insurance for five years a city and country.

Chrysler Town and country repair costs

According to Edmunds repair you for the city and the country generally total $848 over five years. The guarantees for which the first and second years, most drivers are still while most of these vans do not see as to repair bills by year three. Edmunds projects a third year repair bill of $124 for the city and country, followed by a fourth year Bill by $294, and a 5-year Bill of $430.

At first glance, these repair costs projected appear low, but they are still higher than in other leading vans. Edmunds expects 5-year repair of Honda Odyssey and the Nissan Quest to $787 are and Sienna owners will pay Toyota expected to be approximately $732 over the same period. The expected cost of repairs for the Mazda 5 and Dodge Grand Caravan are comparable with those of the 2011 city and country.

Maintaining a Chrysler Town and country

Scheduled maintenance, expected expenditures for the Chrysler Town and country are, forecast upwards by $3,400 after five years, Edmunds. While maintaining this minivan in the average cost is less than $150 in the first year in operation, which is projected Bill for second year maintenance $599. It follows an approximate invoice $395 in the third year on the road, and $926 in the fourth year. Drivers that keep the vehicle in its fifth year are likely to incur a $1.364 routine maintenance Bill that year.

Although the city and the country to repair and automobile insurance costs are planned maintenance costs higher than most of its competitors, placing it in the middle of the Pack. The Toyota Sienna is much more expensive to maintain, with an expected 5 years in total, $4.148. for the Mazda 5 maintenance costs are similar to the town and country, with $3.387, and the Nissan Quest projected $3.219 maintenance is only a little lower than the city and the countryside. The Dodge Grand Caravan routine maintenance costs similar to those for the search and the city and the countryside. Honda Odyssey owners pay much lower 5-year maintenance costs of $2.819, Edmunds is forecasting.

Chrysler Town and country security

Crash test results has the Chrysler Town and country only 2011 so far, but those who get it are very promising. The NHTSA gave the city and the country of a 4-star rollover rating, which is the second highest rating is available. The insurance for highway safety rated the city and the country’s performance in Institute and side impact collisions “Good”, the highest score is available. This minivan but has not the full crash, review, test, so that it not a “top safety pick” experienced as the Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna IIHS.

2011 Urban and rural seats and cargo

One of his innovative seating and storage arrangement is the redesigned 2011 city and the country’s strong suits. The “stow’n ‘ go”System has to increase cargo space, so that they are not completely removed second row of seats, the wrinkles in the van floor need.” If these seats in its warehouses are stored, which reached van maximum hold 143.8 cubic feet. With the second row of seat used is the city and the country’s cargo volume 33 cubic feet. Owners can also for captain’s chairs in the second row instead of the stow n’ go system. This van seven persons.

Fuel consumption for the city and country

The 2011 town and country offers the lowest fuel consumption all minivan on the market. The rating of 16 miles per gallon in city driving is the same as the Nissan Quest, but the search is a more Highway mile per gallon as the city and the country’s 23 mpg. The Mazda 5 offers 21 mpg city and 28 mpg highway fuel the highest economy in this class, but it has room for as many passengers as the city and country.

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