Kim Jang : What should I not do when I indulge into auto insurance comparison to save my time and of course money?

Compare auto insurance not the general auto insurance companies.

Response : What not to do when you compare auto insurance quotes is important since no-one has all the time. We want to save time and money. Hence it is important not to waste your time. Get low auto insurance rates in seconds, once you know what not to do.

The myth for anyone when they start auto insurance comparison is that they first want to start with the comparison of the general auto insurance company. You are climbing the wrong tree and missing your objective. Your objective is to get low car insurance rates, compare auto insurance quotes or review car insurance coverage. Why start with the general auto insurance company first? Are you going to buy it? All you need from them is customer services, if or when you meet with an accident or their ability to pay for the claim. Let me assure you, that the Insurance Act which has been laid down by each of the state is good strong enough and also the auditing carried by them is strict so that they would not let anyone operate if they do not have the financial ability to do so.

In case you have already bought your insurance from an insurance company which is not stable, you need not worry since as per the prevailing regulations, any company that takes over would assume the assets and liability. You would be paid for your auto insurance claim, if you have one.

Yes, the general auto insurance company, matters to you when you compare auto insurance quotes or review car insurance coverage – but first you need to decide on the insurance company which is offering you the low auto insurance rate or the best car insurance coverage.

Once you are certain that this is the insurance company you want to go for -you need to ring up the insurance company so that you get an idea of their customer service. This is the most important part for you since you would be dealing with the staff directly incase of any accident. Of course, you can ask any of your friends for their experience on the customer services. Get your low auto insurance rate at

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