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In the world of auto insurance is one of the most frequently asked questions as to which State has the highest. Interestingly, you can find an Internet search on this issue and a lot of different answers. But, before you begin to ask the question, recognize that the ranking of the State are not always consistent, because all factors change so quickly. We will discuss some of these factors in this article, which should help you clearly identify what causes, that the fluctuations.

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A Miami Herald poll last year place of States and their average insurance premiums by using a formula, the data about 2,400 different cars, in at least 10 zip codes per country for each State and the District of Columbia compared to contain. After crunching the numbers the first of these were five most expensive California, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Montana and Michigan. The lower five contain, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Vermont and Maine. The most fascinating part of the survey showed that only three States had annual bonuses under $1000.

The fairness of half as the survey of the ‘average’ auto insurance policy typical American driver would have to. Is that most Americans claim take to buy their cars, contains a standard car insurance State liability, collision, full glass and fire & theft. Understanding this explains why the 47 States and the Dictrict of Columbia had rates amounting to $1,000. If anything you buy for your car want your policy significantly less costs minimal State liability.

It is also important to note that cars of various styles and values in the study were used. It goes without saying, that, if you your car insurance is more expensive than someone to drive a BMW, which will drive a VW. An SUV costs more than a compact car, a brand new car costs more than a used and larger cars with much more expensive than a small vehicle with a small glass glass.


State regulations play a very important role in car insurance rates because of their artificial influence of the market. For example, a State which amounts requires extremely high adhesion can be justified on population density. Yet higher liability limits run commissioning of ever-higher car insurance premiums. Someone has to pay; and it will be not the insurance company.

An other thing to consider is to State regulation control your insurance policy. If you look at your declarations pages probably never see the words “Tax” or “control.” It is this, because the Government is not foolish enough to put this line to your pages with explanations. Instead, they use creative terms like “” and “Fees.” In a highly taxed State such as New Jersey such as State fees add a significant burden on the insurance amount of money we pay.

When people move from one State to the next they are often the difference in their car insurance rates surprised. This applies in particular, if the cost increased, after they moved. Unfortunately, population density, the distance, in which you to and from work, weather conditions, the safety record has your auto insurance to account of the average rider, and many other things travel.

There are several other State factors, but nothing is more important than the unauthorized action system. In a “no-fault” State, each driver has its own insurance, which covers him with his property and his passengers in an accident. Jury awards tend to in no-fault States very small in comparison to be.

On the other hand, fault-based States adopt a very spread ‘everyone for himself’ mentality, the complaints and high financial awards. As  turns out, fault-based States tend to pay more.

The life in a State of fault-based may tend to be more rewarding safe driving. In a no-fault litigation is minimal, because the parties in an accident are usually out of court to settle. In this type of system whether you or do not want, is each car insurance claim a blemish on your disk.

But in a fault-based State every accident is investigated, and assigned to blame. The longer you can drive, responsible without an accident made, you will be the more trustworthy in the eyes of the insurance.

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Compare auto insurance

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