Kim :The media is constantly stating that private information should not be porvided. Hence I feel apprehensive in providing information for a quote.

Rsponse : Kim I understand your apprehesion and even I would personally feel the same. Let me assure you that the only time personal information such as a driver’s license or a social security number is needed is at the time of purchasing a  auto insurance policy. The insurers need to verify the applicant’s identity and can only do so by using this information and comparing it to national databases. While it’s easy for a person to give this information to an agent at the insurer’s office building, consumers become a little hesitant to provide them online. Rest assured this information is only going to the insurer and to no one else. Remember that the insurer has the to strickly abide to the privacy norms.

We have the ability to provide a list of quotes for auto insurance policies to drivers of all ages and experience levels. We can do this easily without the need of these personal numbers. To do so, we ask specific questions relating to the person’s experience behind the wheel and the answers need to be honest and accurate. When we have all of the answers to the questions, we’ll provide a page of quotes for the applicant, who can then review the quotes and companies and may purchase a policy if they desire to do so. There are no fees to use our service, nor is there an obligation to make a purchase. Again, the only time we will request a social security number or a driver’s license number may be at the time of purchase. To get quotes, we do not need those.

Please get your auto insurance quote and compare auto insurance quotes online.



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