Maria Smith : Everyone talks about how to compare auto insurance quotes and review car insurance coverage, how about letting us know what the auto insurance policy does not cover?

Comapre auto insurance quotes and review car insurance coverage and note also what the exclusions are:

Response : Very interesting and very precise, you need to compare auto insurance quotes and review car insurance coverage but its true that you need to know about the exclusions.

It is best to know what the exclusions are so that you will avoid such situations or take precautions so that you will We’ve already discussed who is covered under a personal auto insurance policy. Now let’s look at when you’re not covered under your policy. Some of these exclusions for coverage may seem ridiculous, but your insurer wouldn’t bother to exclude them if they never occurred.
• If you do not list the other vehicles that you own on the policy and do not have coverage for them and this is than an exclusion.
• If you use our vehicle for racing or for speed contest than you will not have coverage for this. You will need to take up a special event policy to cover the liability and this is avaliable from the speciality insurance companies.
Incase you drive your roommate’s car everyday, you would need to be covered under your roommate’s insurance for liability.
Also, if you cause an accident while driving a car you own that is not listed on your policy, you wouldn’t have coverage. Also note that when you drive a car temporarily replacing your owned car which is listed, or a new vehicle you purchased, you have coverage for a specified amount of time, usually not longer than a couple of weeks, you need to inform your insurance company about this.

• Similar to the above, vehicles owned by a family member that are regularly made available for your use, unless they are listed on your policy, are not covered for liability.
• Nuclear energy liablity is not covered under an auto insurance policy. There is normally a pool in each country which cover the nuclear liability.
• Vehicles with less than four wheels or not made for use on public roads are not covered. For example, a three-wheeler or golf carts. These vehicles are typically covered under a homeowner’s policy. Whether or not you own a home, some insurers allow you to endorse your policy to include these vehicles.
• Public or Livery Conveyance – You should never useyour own vehicle for any reward to transport people of things. This is a common exclusion on your auto insurance policy. The insurer expects you to get a commercial auto policy for this coverage. Some examples include limousines, taxi cabs, church vans, and others.
• You should not use your car which if declared for personal use for your business use. A common use is for delivering pizzas and this should be avoided or else you should take a business use for your auto insurance policy.

Next we will discuss about the contents of auto and what is covered and not covered under an auto insurance policy.

Once you know the details of the exclusions you can opt for the right coverages and take a business coverage where required. Compare auto insurance qutoes and review car insurance coverage keeping in mind all the aspects of auto insurance coverage.


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