Tiger Kenedy : Why should one compare auto insurance quotes with differnet dedutibles?

Compare auto insurance quotes with different deductibles is a good idea.

Response : It is a very good idea to compare auto insurance quotes using different deductibles and this can be done really easily. Let me give you examples to make it absolutely clear as to what is the effect of different deductibles on the auto insurance quotes. First let us understand what a deductible is.

What is an Auto Insurance Deductible?
A deductible is the amount of money you are responsible for paying in the event of a physical damage claim on your vehicle. The insurance company pays for the cost greater than the deductible to repair your car. If the total cost to repair the damage to your car is less than the deductible, you are responsible for paying for all the repair costs.

Secondly, deductibles are only paid for physical damage claims for your vehicle, not liability claims. So if you are found liable (at fault) for damage to another person’s car or injury to another person in an accident, you DO NOT have to pay a deductible.

Likewise let me also clarify that comparing different deductibles is a good idea only if you are going to take the own damage coverage of the auto. Incase you are not opting for own damage or comprhensive coverage which is another name given to this, than there is no use comparing deductibles and this option would not be given online.

There are several deductible amounts you can choose when selecting an insurance policy. The amount generally ranges between $250 and $1,000. Generally, a higher deductible will lower your insurance rate. You should choose the highest deductible you can afford. Keep in mind that the deductible is paid each time a separate claim is filed. The deductible amount is the amonut that you will have to bear each time you report an auto insurance claim. If you report three damages or place three claims in a year, you will have to pay three deductibles.

Example 1: Frank has a $1000 deductible for the physical damage coverage for his car. Frank crashes his car with a neighbours fence causing $3,000 in damage to his car. Frank would be responsible for paying the first $1000 to repair his car. Frank’s insurance company would pay the additional $2,000. It’s important to note that the cost to repair the neighbor’s fence would be covered by Frank’s liability coverage.

Example 2: Allison has a $250 deductible for the physical damage coverage for her car. Allison accidentally backs into her neighbor’s mailbox at a slow rate of speed, causing only $100 damage to fer car and no damage to the neighbor’s mailbox. Since Allison’s deductible is $250, she is responsible for all the repair costs associated with the accident. Her insurance company would only pay for damage in excess of $250.

Remember, the number of claims you file is held against you in the form of additional cost for insurance in the future. Also, insurers may sometimes choose to non-renew your policy after the initial policy term is up based on your previous filing claims. Circumstances can vary greatly, but it is a good idea to pay for all small damages to your vehicle with your own money.

It would be smart to opt for a higher deductible if you are a good driver and so you can save on your auto insurance premium and would get a low auto insurance rate or premium.

Happy Motoring.

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