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alex rodriguez: Will auto insurance pay me if my car is stolen-

Will auto insurance pay me if my car is stolen?
Resonse : Whether auto insurance will pay you if your car is stolen depends of your policy, and the type of auto insurance, you have. Most comprehensive coverage policy covers your car is stolen.

You and your car problems usually protect this type of policy not through collisions, such as theft, vandalism, and breakdowns. Make sure that know what your car insurance cover happens before something like this.

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After you file a police report, call your insurance company and let them know that your car has been stolen. Their car insurance provider probably tell you to wait a certain number of days (determined by the individual insurance company). If the car is not found, if this time has expired, you will be refunded at the current market value of your car. If the car is found but damaged, you will be paid the cost of repairs, less applicable deductible.

What coverage for car insurance will cover theft?

The coverage that covers theft is comprehensive coverage. A comprehensive policy includes only a car stolen, that should be an integral part of the car or elements that do not work without the car. This would likely elements as integrated, pre-installed navigation system or stereo, but not a dashboard-mounted contain one GPS device or iPod.

If you House and apartment owners or renters have insurance, these guidelines should include personal items from your car, regardless of whether your car in your driveway or in a parking lot was parked stolen. If the elements are valuable, file a police report for the stolen items, and then call your insurance company. If less costs than the deductible on your insurance policy to replace, should the elements probably forget to replace the claim and only yourself.

When you call your insurance questions on your personal property coverage and the elements that are not covered. Items excluded or limited coverage include money, jewelry, furs, watches and business property. Their home insurance helps not with damage to your vehicle, so you call your House and apartment owners and your auto insurance companies, if your car during the theft of which elements in was damaged.

The most car insurance companies have found a set number of days that they wait for a stolen car, before it to pay a claim. If you found, before this time has expired, but is found, damaged, you must decide whether it is worth your deductible and pay with your insurance company for the damage or just to pay the car out of your own pocket fix.

If your car is found severely damaged and the insurance company decides, they write cut a check only for the market value, the car-not for how much you originally paid, it be him as a “Betrayal”, or be sure how much is a replacement car costs. If your car is not found, after the time expires, they will treat the car insurance claim as well. You will receive a payment for the value of the vehicle only.

What would be covered by car insurance -review car insurance and compare auto insurance

Although some State laws for car insurance only drivers, taking out insurance on their cars carry is required, is it a good idea, a comprehensive and a collision policy have. A comprehensive insurance policy protects your vehicle against loss or damage not by a collision. Cover also vehicles damaged by you, but not in an accident.

There are exceptions losses from fire, earthquakes, explosions, all policy, but in General that contains comprehensive, falling or flying objects (such as neighbor’s son baseball), vandalism, theft, floods, riots and scrap of glass, as well as damage to your car caused by hitting an animal.

Car theft, it helps to pay comprehensive insurance policies for a rental car. You are required to wait for two days until the rental coverage kicks in, if your car was not really stolen and you just forget that it has awarded it to a friend or family member. But give up the most rental companies in 48 hours. Inquire you when your insurance company, before you rent the car and find you the amount of time, out the it leasing for cover as the maximum cost that will treat per day.

It is fully protected a good idea, with so much auto insurance, as you can afford. Find out the prices in your area using the look up tool on this page. Everything you need to do is to give your zip code, and we will immediately provide auto insurance quotes for you!

Will car insurance pay me if my car is stolen? Review car insurance to find out the type of car insurance you have. Compare auto insurance & get low auto insurance

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