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Your driving IQ matters to get low auto insurance.

I was recently reading about driving IQ and was wondering if this was something to consider for getting low auto insurance.
What is your driving IQ and how does this matter to getting low auto insurance?
It might surprise you but the truth is I was recently reading an article in McClatchy- Tribune Information Services and read that “Highway Patrol Lt. Janita West said that thought often crosses her mind when she takes drivers on the road for a driver’s license test — especially teenage drivers.

Results of the seventh annual GMAC Insurance National Drivers Test indicate an estimated 36.9 million drivers nationwide would fail the written test if they took it today. GMAC considers its annual test “the benchmark for America’s driving IQ.”

A total of 5,130 licensed drivers, ages 16 to 65, took this year’s 20-question test, which requires a score of 70 to pass. The test result show that one in five licensed drivers doesn’t know enough about the rules of the road to pass a written driver’s test.

The basics of knowing the rules of the road are very important to avoid accidents and this will get you low auto insurance. Lets discuss this in detail since once you understand something; it would very easy for you to implement it.

How would driving IQ get you low auto insurance rates?

It is obvious that you cannot implement what you do not know. If you do not know the rules of the road the chances of your breaking and violating the rules unknowingly are higher. Now, the other person on the road would assume that you know the rules of the road and are following them, hence they would be caught completely unawares when you break the rule. A fast moving vehicle takes its own time and distance to come to a stop and thus an accident is likely to occur. Once an accident occurs, this is going to be reflected on your driving license- your driving record is affected and the chances of your getting low auto insurance rates would diminish since the insurance company would apply the loading for the claim or accident or your bad driving record.

Driving IQ helps you in getting low auto insurance rates?

If your driving IQ is higher than you are the one who knows the rule. Remember it is not only important to know the rules but also to obey the rules of driving. When any rules are obeyed the chances of getting into trouble or problems is minimized and this would also be true for driving rules. The chances of your getting involved in a car accident would be drastically reduced. This would lead you to maintaining a good driving record. The driver is one of the most important consideration when rating a car insurance policy for the general insurance company. You are given a discount for claims free years and also the rating is reduced for your good driving record and hence you would get low auto insurance rates.

Another obvious way to get low auto insurance rates is to compare auto insurance rates online and review car insurance rates given by different companies. Beat the insurance company by their own strategy of law of large numbers. The more the car insurance quotes you compare the more the chances of getting low auto insurance rates.

Compare auto insurance

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